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Dear all,

I recently read the documentation of the ArduinoBLE.h library. Under "Service design patterns" it is noted that it is possible to write multiple values to one characteristic:

You could also combine readings into a single characteristic, when a given sensor or actuator has multiple values associated with it.

Motor Speed, Direction
Accelerometer X, Y, Z

This is more efficient, but you need to be careful not to exceed the 512-byte limit. The accelerometer characteristic above, for example, takes 11 bytes as a ASCII-encoded string.
How can I achieve that? Unfortunately I cannot find any information about this in the documentation.

I want to send all accelerometer data in one characteristic and all gyroscope data respectively along with a time stamp. This results in two characteristics
1. accChara: [time stamp, xAcc, yAcc, zAcc] and
2. gyroChara: [time stamp, xGyro, yGyro, zGyro],
where time stamp is an unsigned long (via millis()) and the values read are floats (note: I am using the Arduino_LSM9DS1.h library for the IMU).

Thanks for your help :)

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