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I have two very simple projects.  Think 101-level.  First is a tilt switch and the serial monitor prints out the state of the switch, 1 or 0 using println.  Sometimes it doesn't insert the page break so instead of showing
it might show 

Also related to the serial monitor, in my other project, when I send a string to it, such as "What color do you what?" when it prints it out on the serial monitor, I see "WhWhat co lor do youw ant?"  The weird thing it I can enter a response and it changes my RGB LED to the correct color and re-prompts with the same question...and the text is messed up the same way.  I should note, I'm a full-time programmer by trade and have coded in C++, C#, and a bunch of others over 25 years so I can usually troubleshoot things successfully.  But, since I'm new to this type of integrated progamming, I'm kinda....stumped.  I looked into Serial.flush but that didn't seem related to my problem.

NOTE: I'm running it off my chromebook and using the web editor.  

I'm not sure if these are related or not.


It will greatly help if you posted your code. Please post it between [code] and [/code], the so called code tags.

If it's more than 9000 characters, you can attach it to a reply.
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If you don't understand an example, don't use it.

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The serial monitor of the web IDE is not quite the best for that purpose.
It is Ok for short bursts but because of internet lag etc it will on occasion drop some packets.
You could try a slower baud rate but I am not too optimistic about that.
That is the nature of the beast that is the web IDE I am afraid.

You should look for an alternate serial monitor for chromebook or move to a PC where you have a lot more choice.

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