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Hello guys recently I started a simple robot project made out of popsicle sticks and hot glue and 2 joysticks and an Arduino Uno. One joy stick controls the base X and the Y on the same Joystick controls the arm (up and down). The second joystick just controls the claw I have at the end of the arm. I am having a bit of an issue when I move the arm crane up and down, as it's a bit jittery and not a smooth transition down. Could it be my joysticks? Or maybe a power issue. I have a time delay after each Joystick. Is there an additional code out there I can use to make transition better or possible change my values of the position of the servo. I am very new to coding and would like any help I can get and greatly appreciate it!


The problem may be mechanical layout, power supply or code. I can't see any of them which makes it difficult to help.

Many/most jittery servo problems are caused by insufficient power. What servos are you using and how are they powered?



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Hi i have seen your post . i have played with these servos and i have always come to this problem where it jitters. So what i do is make the structure more stable. and second is that i make the delay to about a 9. you are using a joystick right. So  can you please copy paste your code here so i can take a look at it? I will modify that and give it to you. But still try if you try to make the structure stable or set the delay a bit lower or if you would remove it, it might just work. If you cant get it right then reply me with the code so i might be able to help. Just copy paste your exact code.


The problem could be with structure or some power supply issue. If you could mention some more details here the forum could help you out in a better way.

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