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I am looking for some software that will count the pulses from a flow meter via a dio (digital in / out ) card .When the count reaches  a set amount the software will send a signal to the dio card to trigger a relay that will stay off till that channel is reset…. it also needs to have at least 4 counts running simultaneously ….. can any one help ….. I am willing to pay for the software ….


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This is a pretty simple and straightforward project, but I am on "the other side of the pond".

Do you need some type of data logging, or is this the extent of it?

As I understand, you're building four set-count relays.  You'll want to have a method for entering the desired count threshold, and probably a display of some type.. 16x2 LCD can provide enough display real estate unless the count desired is very high.

What's the pulse rate?  Unless the pulse rate is very high, an interrupt tied to the input wouldn't be strictly necessary.. are you tracking four inputs (more than standard two hardware interrupts) or just the one?

Assuming you are handling the hardware, the software should be no problem.. PM me if interested.


similar to - http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/EEM12L-32AKWhMonitoring -  ?
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