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 :D Hello everyone I am working on a project that will measure ohm value of a resistor .



Here is the code below

Code: [Select]
int analogPin= 0;
int raw= 0;
int Vin= 5;
float Vout= 0;
float R1= 1000;
float R2= 0;
float buffer= 0;

void setup()

void loop()
raw= analogRead(analogPin);
buffer= raw * Vin;
Vout= (buffer)/1024.0;
buffer= (Vin/Vout) -1;
R2= R1 * buffer;
Serial.print("Vout: ");
Serial.print("R2: ");

There need to be a known and another unknown resistor.

The ohm value of known resistor is supposed to be 1k ohm

So my question is, what is the max ohm range will my arduino ohm meter will be able to measure of the unknown resistor with 1k reference resistor and how to calculate it?

Thanks for giving me your attention :D ??? ???



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Please give me the link if the question has been asked by someone else before otherwise pls give me my answer, it's really urgent

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