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Dear All,

I would like to supply power to an MKRZero through the Vin using 4
AA cells.

The maximum theoretical voltage (with new cells) would be 6 volts.

I looked at the MKRZero web page,

it rated Vin between 5 and 6 V.

So it seems there would be no problems.

However at the end of the web page it is stated "Please DO NOT POWER VIN with more than 5V."

So my question is: may I use up to 6V on Vin?

Thank you very much


If you look at the schematic
you'll see that Vin just goes thru a couple of MOSFETs and then is connected to 5V.
There is no regulator. Any external devices connected to the 5V pin will essentially see whatever is on Vin.
So I would limit Vin to 5V.
4 NiCads, or 4 NiMH would provide 4.8V and would be a safer option than 4 standard AAs, which could be higher than 6V total when fresh.
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Ok thank you, I will try this way

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