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Hi, quick question to anyone who can help me out. I'm currently working on a project involving the MKR Zero and am thinking of powering the device through the Vin port. I know that the maximum operating/input voltage for this device is 3.3V. I will be powering the device through Vin using a battery pack (outputting ~4.5V) connected to a linear voltage regulator that is rated to output 3.3V. I decided to sanity test the LVR before powering the MKR Zero with it, and it outputs a steady 3.33V-3.34V. My question is, if my LVR is outputting 3.33V-3.34V, will this damage the board? If so, any advice/tips to reduce the voltage? I was thinking of adding a series resistor to lower the voltage, but I don't recall how to get the current... any help is appreciated.



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