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Robin, if you remember, wawa had to design a board for that project and crossroads was testing using multiple Megas.  FeeTech tells me that I can hook 210 servos to one board and control all of them with 4 pins on one Arduino.  Don't you think it's worth looking into ?


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Don't you think it's worth looking into ?
That must be your decision.

If I had the space to build one of those sculptures my priority would have been to get something working - as @Wawa and @Crossroads have done.

There is a saying "the best is the enemy of the good"

And I think I said a long time ago that getting the motors to work is the easy part of the sculpture project. The logic to make it behave like a sculpture will be the real challenge.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


" ...to get something working "
How ? I still have NOT seen a solution, have you ?
Will crossroads succeed controlling tens of Megas ?  Will wawa's board work ?
If I was sure of the hardware need I would have already built it.
I'm by no means saying that the software part would be easy but I can't even think of that if I don't know what hardware i'm using.  Let's just hope they'll come back to us with good news.


if I find a way to add the SCServoArduinoLib.zip library maybe I could manage it.
Here's what I did in Windows10 to manually install the library.

I went to the downloaded zip file, and extracted everything to a new folder. I opened the extracted folder and navigated down two levels to a folder called SCServo which contains an examples folder and two .cpp and two .h library folders.

I dragged that SCServo folder into the library folder of the ide.

The example codes are available and compile. In the IDE they are found like any of the other user added libraries under Files>Examples>SCServo


Sorry, I've been busy with paying projects and haven't done anything on mine for a couple of weeks. Had 32 motors wired up, and got as far as making harnesses for a bunch more. The 6 Megas are mounted, along with 6 power breakout boards.  I just need a little free time to get back to it.
And now we're house shipping with my son, so that's taking up some weekend time.
Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.


Will crossroads succeed controlling tens of Megas ? 
Based on Reply #34 I would say "YES"

These are experienced programmers - why would their project not work?

I hope I don't cause offence but it seems to me you are a lot less experienced and you are hoping for a miracle solution rather than hunkering down and learning the basics.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Robin, I always said I was a rookie !  I'm not hoping for a miracle solution, I asked help from experienced people and hope to learn from them.   Isn't what the project guidance, where I posted, of this forum is all about ? 
Maybe you're kind enough to tell me how to learn.  This is not the first time you attack me for asking questions instead of showing me the way.  Teaching what you know is an art which not everyone has. No offence.  
Basics ?  I posted an idea and after 20 pages of messages I still have not found the solution and in one hand you condemn me for having searched for other solutions and on the other hand you tell me I'm hoping for a miracle.  Thank you anyway, I will always be grateful to people who take time to help others but please ignore my posts if they irritate you.


Tkx catteldog, I tried that too but maybe I made a mistake.  Will re try and let you know.

@crossroads, tkx for posting, I''l be waiting, take care.


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I posted an idea and after 20 pages of messages I still have not found the solution
I strongly suspect that's because the sort of solution you seem to expect does not exist.

To my mind there was (and still is) a huge amount that you can learn from all the work done by @Crossroads within those 20 pages. I suspect @Wawa's approach involving new circuit boards may be a bit too complex for your present level of knowledge - unless he is willing to make the boards for you.

All successful computer programs (especially the complex ones) are a collection of small pieces that have been learned and tested one by one before being incorporated into the "big project".

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


catteldog, manual loading of that library shows examples, Tkx.
I must have goofed the first time I tried.
These examples however, compile, load but don't work, no servo movement.  
Where as the SMSCL examples from the Feetech library work.
I'll need to study and compare the 2 libraries to find the reason.

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