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Nov 13, 2020, 01:04 am Last Edit: Nov 13, 2020, 01:05 am by tommyokie
I'm searching for a small FM radio receiver that will fit inside of a pen. I want to use it with a bone conduction speaker so that I can listen to the radio when I bite down on the pen.

This is the video that I got the idea from:

I took a screenshot of the FM receiver he used:

I have looked everywhere but I just can't seem to find anything like this.
Does anyone recognize this or know of a small FM receiver that is sold on eBay DigiKey etc...?


The TEA5767 is quite small and you may, with a small amplifier and an attiny, fit it all into a fat pen tube. But a search on aliexpress.com for "miniature fm radio " yielded something close to your picture.


I'm just thinking that a google on 'smallest fm receiver' could bring up some hits. Fitting it all into a pen would require space for the battery --- or enough batteries, and maybe also for an interface - for selecting the FM channel we want to listen to. Bone conduction pen is an interesting idea though hehehe. Sounds ok. I was thinking that the required size of pen would be at least the size of a Nikko oil permanent marker. It probably all wouldn't fit inside a finepoint Nikko pen. But then again, the technology is leaps and bounds these days. Maybe it can be done.


Also search for hex3653, a chip used in such miniature designs. These don't require an mcu  to drive them.


Nov 13, 2020, 02:43 am Last Edit: Nov 13, 2020, 03:43 am by tommyokie
TEA5767 looks like it needs a microcontroller to select the channel etc.., and I couldn't find a hex3653 circuit that was small enough either... but it did come across this on alliexpress:


It's 1.3 cm max-width, so it's still a little big, but maybe there's a pen big enough...

I just don't understand where he got the one he has in the video.


Search for "FM Radio with Ballpoint Pen-WRRP01" on Amazon, looks like it is close to what he was using.  Not sure why I can't post a link, for some reason the link always ends up with %22http// instead of http:// when I click on it, may be a browser problem here.

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