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Can someone suggest an Arduino with built in Wifi so I can use my existing sketches and prototype board to send a UDP packet to a server?  My prototype has several sensors on it.
I tried a Arduino Wifi REV 2 and it won't run my sketch.  It runs fine on a UNO but not the REV 2. Both an I2C based sensor and one of the libraries I use for one of the sensors do not work.
I tried an ESP8266 based arduino board, and both operate independently and are now bricked.
Why does this have to be so difficult???

So, is there something from Arduino that will let me plug in my prototype board and simply use a wifi connection to send ascii data?


Why is this so difficult?
I also tried the SparkFun Wifi shield, and that while it sometimes works, is plagued with times when it doesn't at all.
I just want an arduino with WiFi that allows me to sends UDP packets.  It has to be compatible with the UNO and allow a way to communicate to the ESP8266.  Software serial is an option but the ESP8266 serial speed is set in firmware to 115200 and cannot be changed.  This speed does not work for software-serial.

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