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Hello Everyone, 

I have a cat who uses the litter box way to often.
I was wondering if anyone has a idea for code. 

I have an idea in mind where there is Arduino motherboard 
on top, attached to a motor underneath the lid and it drags 
a poop sifter using a chain like design from above with the motor.
As motor drags the sifter, the sifter collects all remains of a cats use of 
bathroom and from there, you have the easy part of collecting from just 
1 ready pile.


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You are trying to design something from the back end to the front. Begin with the physical design and get that constructed, then add the digital controls necessary to control it.



Thanks guys, ill get things started and see what I can do


Even better idea, Take 4 motors, connect to a rectangle sifter under
all the sand, and a switch to just lift the sifter and get rid of the crap
that way.


You are trying to design something from the back end to the front.
Maybe there's something wrong with the cat?
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