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Topic: Problem with round KEYESTUDIO 2.2'' TFT LCD Display Screen Module for Arduino R3 (Read 462 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi David,

Thank you for your precious information.
Now I can control the color very continuously.
But I discover the weak point of this display, the refreshing time is very slow, when I send a FillScreen you can see the screen filling slowly( 300ms I believe).


The trick is to update the smallest area of the screen.   e.g. overwrite a Sensor value or animate a bar graph.

Animating a meter needle is fairly complex.   You rub out the old needle by drawing in the background colour and then plot the new needle in the foreground colour.

But most importantly.   You only draw something if it has changed.   Whether it is a needle,  graph point, numeric value, bar, ..., colour, ...

I have not looked at the DFRobot library.    The speed should not be noticeable if you follow the above strategy.    Bear in mind that humans can only read numbers or text at a moderate pace.   No point in updating more often than necessary.

If you have any "other" colour displays,   port your code.   Compare performance.



Are you sure that you are using the hardware SPI?  Can you post your test code that shows the slow refresh?

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