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HI all
using u8g2 on an Arduino NANO BLE Sense with an LD7032 Display (FUTABA) I have strange behaviour: graphics and test start in the middle of the display with a part above the centre and a part belove.
These photos are the result of the example full_buffer-GraphicsTest but I've tried almost everything with same results: HW or SW connection, Full-Buffer or Paged....everything with same results.

The display was changed because the one we have bought with PCB had broken flat.

Any suggestion?

Thank you


Please post a link to the actual display that you have bought.

Copy-paste the u8g2 constructor that you have used.   i.e. one single statement pasted in a Code Window.



Hi David
this is the DataSheet of the Display:

and I'm using this constructor I'm using:

Code: [Select]
U8G2_LD7032_60X32_F_4W_SW_SPI u8g2(U8G2_R0, /*clock=*/ 11, /*data=*/ 12, /*cs=*/ 9, /*dc=*/ 10, /*reset=*/ 8);

Thank you!


You are using the SW constructor.   So it does not matter which GPIO pins that you use.

It looks as if there is a problem with the Driver geometry.   So I doubt if the I2C interface would be any different.   LD7032 has been supported since 2016.

I also see that you have raised an Issue on GitHub.
So you just need to wait until Oliver has some time.

You can try some different GPIO pins but your current choice should not interfere with any built-in hardware.
You can try the display on a different 3.3V Arduino e.g. Zero, Due.   This would verify whether it is Geometry or Nano33_BLE problem.


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