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I am trying to program a HC-06 Bluetooth module to send data from a pH sensor connected to an Arduino Uno to the serial monitor on my laptop. The code for the pH sensor alone works perfectly and I was able to connect my HC-06 module to my computer and I have the COM port for it set up in the Arduino IDE. This is my first time using a bluetooth module in an Arduino project. 

What do I add to my code in order for the data to be sent to the serial monitor via the Bluetooth module?

Code: [Select]

#include <DFRobot_PH.h>

#include <EEPROM.h>

#define PH_PIN A1

float voltage,phValue,temperature = 25;

DFRobot_PH ph;

void setup()





void loop()


    static unsigned long timepoint = millis();

    if(millis()-timepoint>1000U){                  //time interval: 1s

        timepoint = millis();

        //temperature = readTemperature();         // read your temperature sensor to execute temperature compensation

        voltage = analogRead(PH_PIN)/1024.0*5000;  // read the voltage

        phValue = ph.readPH(voltage, temperature);  // convert voltage to pH with temperature compensation




        Serial.println((phValue*-0.816226171)+ 10.34788768,2); //using linear regression to compensate for calibration


    ph.calibration(voltage,temperature);           // calibration process by Serial CMD



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I didn't think you can do that, but I may be wrong.


If I am right, you can still do what you want by using a proper terminal programme on PC - like RealTerm.

Either way, I bet you need to change from 115200 to 9600, as I bet you haven't configured Bluetooth. That will be the only change to the programme needed. Disconnect Bluetooth before uploading.

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