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"BOB" V2.0 is the smarter, faster, and stronger brother to BOB 1.0 who used a BASIC Stamp II as a brain. I saw a lot of limits with the BS2, so I decided to use an Arduino, and even though it may have been a little harder to program, it yielded great results. BOB 2 currently only avoids objects, and is not really really good at doing it, but I am still working on the software, and I'm even going to be adding some more sensors and functionality soon. All the information on it is on its instructable page here: http://www.instructables.com/id/BOB-V20/?ALLSTEPS. It uses an atmega168, 3 Sharp GP2D12 IR sensors, a Ping)))' ultrasonic ranger, 9.6V Ni-Cd battery pack, 5V switching regulator, two Futaba continuous rotation servos, and one Futaba S3003 servo for panning the ultrasonic ranger. Here's some pics:


Cool, any videos of it in operation?

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