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I just updated my board library to V1.8.10 and discovered that my program no longer compiles. I'm getting a fatal error with the command #include  "WInterrupt.h" located in the ArduinoLowPower.cpp file. I've searched all over my system for such a file and can't find it. The weird part is that I've also searched the entire drive of the machine still using V1.8.9 and it doesn't show up there either. This is a real conundrum. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Here is the error line from the compile:
C:\Users\Mike LaVigne\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Arduino_Low_Power\src\samd\ArduinoLowPower.cpp:4:10: fatal error: WInterrupts.h: No such file or directory
 #include "WInterrupts.h"


Have you tried to comment it out? With the new version some basics are now included in the core.
PS: I found a bug a couple days ago, facchinm exterminated it already, if you working with SPI it's in the official repo.
I recommend to update the core lib and try to just comment  #include "WInterrupts.h" out. Otherwise downgrade may be a remedy? 

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