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Hi i have an Arduino Yun from long time... Today i see some limitation related to the old openwrt software that runs on (old) Yun.
For now the worst limitation for me is NGINX version that doesn't support socket connection. 

On the Yun rev 2 (i think) this software comes updated with an younger openwrt version..
Someone that owns an Yun Rev 2 can tell me which nginx version is installable ?

And one more question: a sketch writed for Yun, is it uploadable to yun2 without any edit? Are the libraries equal ?


I also had a lot of questions with Rev 2 coming as New Arduino models like the MKR Vidor 4000 with FPGA support don't run Linux, which is no longer needed to run Wi-Fi now that Arduino compatible wireless modules are available on based on ESP32 SoC and other microcircuits. For example, ESP32-based u-blox Nina W102 module provides Wi-Fi for MKR Vidor 4000 and Uno WiFi Rev 2.
I decided to ask for help https://sirinsoftware.com/services/iot-development/They explained everything to me in detail and helped me, I am thinking about a further project in which they can help me without problems

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