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Afternoon all,

I've been doing some research but can't find much detail.  A couple of questions in ref to firmware on the MKR GSM 1400

1.   How can I tell which firmware the board is running?
2.   Is there a firmware update available?
3.   How would one go about updating the firmware?




1.   How can I tell which firmware the board is running?
The firmware on the MKR GSM 1400's u-blox SARA-U201 GSM modem is controlled by serial AT commands. You can see the full list of available commands in the "u-blox Cellular Modules AT Commands Manual" PDF available for download here:

One of the AT commants is AT+GMR, which returns the version of the firmware running on the u-blox SARA-U201 GSM modem.

The MKRGSM library comes with a SerialGSMPassthrough sketch that allows you to sent AT commands to the modem via the Arduino IDE's Serial Monitor.

So to find the firmware version, you can do this:
  • (in the Arduino IDE) File > Examples > MKRGSM > Tools > SerialGSMPassthrough
  • Upload the SerialGSMPassthrough sketch to your MKR GSM 1400.
  • Tools > Serial Monitor
  • From the line ending menu near the bottom right of Serial Monitor, select "Both NL & CR".
  • In the input field at the top of Serial Monitor, type AT+GMR
  • Click the "Send" button.

You should now see something like this printed in the output field of Serial Monitor:
Code: [Select]



In this case, you can see I have firmware version "23.60" installed on my modem.

As for your other questions, I'm afraid I don't have any answers. Perhaps someone else here on the forum will be able to help.


Wow, fantastic answer, thank you so much! 

I, incorrectly, assumed the firmware would have been released by Arduino.  I'll move my research to u-blox...


You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

Best wishes,

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