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Does anyone have an atTiny84 running off the Arduino IDE (using Coding Badly's core, or other), and have a frequency generator too?

I am trying to get the PJRC library called FreqMeasure working, however am having no luck so far.

(for some reason I cant send PM's at the moment either... hmm)

I was just wondering if someone was able to test putting a frequency on the ICP pin of their atTiny84 running the FreqMeasure library (say 1Hz or something), and see if you get an output - get it to toggle another pin or something.
For me, the ISR inside the library doesn't seem to be firing and I don't know why.

FreqMeasure library:

Core I am using:

If anyone is able to help I would really appreciate it.
I have the atTiny doing pulsein() and that works fine, so I know the pin works, but Im a bit over my head when it comes to editing/debugging the core or the library and need a bit of help.


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