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I just purchased the Arduino Starter kit, with the exam inside.  I went to take the practice exam, and I am confused about the question with the Parallel circuit missing resistor question.  Where can I get some help to better understand this question?  I want to pass the exam on the first try.  Thank You in advance. 


Have never seen the starter kit or the exam.  No idea what you are talking about.
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Is OP taking about this kit?


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If I looked at the correct practice exam online - about the 3rd question - is just a math problem - you are given that the current is equal in all three legs is equal to the other two - so voltage does not matter -the resistance in each leg is equal to the resistance in each of the other legs - i.e. total resistance in each leg needs to be 10k

Series and parallel resistor circuits are fairly straight forward - try searching for Ohms law tutorials -


Great to listen about these things

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