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Hi all.  I'm new to Arduino and the community.  I've been learning the basics and having fun!  While I'm still blinking LED's or turning the simple servo, I'm trying to research code for a project in mind.  It's for a project that is kind of time sensitive so I want to enlist help to speed it up  It's a clock for my director who is retiring soon.

My work manufactures electronic controls.  I've taken one of our display housings that has a 5 buttons on the front and a window for a 16x2 display.  I've gutted our technology from the housing and left the front keypad.  This was a rejected unit that I grabbed from the scrap pile.  I verified that the front buttons all function with a single common for all 5 buttons.

The idea is to turn this housing into a clock, date, time, temp maybe, settable by the front buttons.

The time and date would rotate with the company name with a delay.

He's been on the job 35 years, so I want one of the buttons which is actually a hidden button by pressing on our company logo, to display his name and years of service with the company.  Then after a suitable delay, return to the cycling of the time and company logo.  I want the years of service to increase by one annually up until the point of retirement where maybe a certain keypress would deactivate the annual counter.  Possible?

I have a few Unos and Nanos(CANNOT get the Nanos driver issue solved, I think its because of the PC I have, a Samsung Book S with an ARM processor...) the DS3231 RTC and an I2C 1602A display.

Thank you for reading.  Hope someone wants to help me out!


are you willing to code and looking for advice or you are looking for someone to do the full thing for you?
Hello - Please do not PM me for help,  others will benefit as well if you post your question publicly on the forums.
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I did it! Learned a bit, reverse engineered a bit and nailed it! Thank you everyone! I'm learning alot here, I can't wait to be able to contribute myself! Peace everyone.

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