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Hello fellow fellow inventors, tinkerers and builders.

I'm the new guy, with my first Arduino, the Due, finally arriving in the mail tomorrow, and I imagine I will have a lot to post about on here once I start using it with my prototype.

Because the project I am working on required me to create a plastic mount for my Arduino Due in Sketchup that could fit logically into my aluminum channel frame design. There isn't much out there to help with this as far as off-the-shelf components go, so I decided to go for a 3D printing solution, and created this Dimensionally accurate Mounting Template that slices and prints in FDM without issue. 

There is a Dimensionally Accurate Arduino Due model included in the Sketchup component to help aid aligning the mount while using the Arduino as a reference, as well as to help plan out wiring to the Due pins in your 3D workspace. I found this very helpful for planning my wiring schema

The design is simple and all you need for good fitment are the screw hole towers. You can delete everything else around them and build from there, or you can easily build out from the simple solid frame using extrusion and draw tools. As long as you don't move those, building a mount around this Template will save you a lot of time if your 3D printing is your solution to mounting as well.

The last attached photo shows my particular application and how I used the template for my application.

The component is free to use and is available in Sketchup's 3D Warehouse. Like all links, you should verify you have arrived at the right dot.com and that the domain belongs to a trusted source you already know. Sketchup is pretty well known, but please use your own best judgement:


You can also get the model from directly in Sketchup if you search," Arduino Due Mounting Template for 3D Printing " in the integrated 3D warehouse.

If anyone needs a different file format, and I can export it from Sketchup,  just let me know and I'd be happy to share it as well. 

Hope this can save you some time on your own project. 

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