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Probably the wrong forum , but it is a problem with Arduino itself ...

Just looking to buy a few Nano's and surprised to see they are 20 Euro ( plus tax) on the official site , as are UNO's , but Nano Every is only 9 Euro, or three for 22Euro.

Seems a bit odd ! Any thoughts ?


I guess Arduino wants us to move to the Every.
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The Nano Every is probably the least expensive official Arduino board that I've seen, was less than $10 US (without headers) when it first came out, the price has actually gone up about 10%.


One guess: they probably have a batch in stock which is accounted for at some resell price stock value. If they were to reprice those they would need to take an accounting loss to adjust for the new price. May be CFO no willing to go into stock repricing.. they probably sell some from time to time, so over the long run will get rid of the stock...

if you don't need the logo and are fine with ch-340 based boards, for ~20€ you can probably get 4 or 5 clones Nano V3  from amazon and 10 of them buying directly from Asia...

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