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Some time ago I built a few device using the UNO with a GSM Shield 2 with an Adafruit sound FX board and RTC. The principle is triggering audio sequences remotely. I would like to build some more of these but the GSM shield is obviously discontinued. The MKR 1400 looks like a good candidate but I am worried about some of the issues they have had... if I picked up one of these from Rapid Online, is there a way to identify if it's the new version?

I also have a couple of questions about the MKR1400. If I use this with the SD card proto board could it play the audio files (and do so while sending/receiving text messages) or would it be better to off load the audio to another board? (I am thinking MKR zero).

Also, am I right in thinking the MKR 1400 has an on-board RTC?

Any reassurances would be gratefully recieved... It's been a while since I looked at this and I'm feeling pretty rusty!

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