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Hi, I often solder 2 Dupont wires together but my heat-shrink tubes are always too large. What 's the diameter I should buy and the ratio 2:1, 3:1?


Buy a variety pack, there are many uses for heat-shrink you won't have thought of yet...
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2:1 is less expensive.

3:1 and 4:1 have quite a skin thickness when shrunk; these quite often are glue lined too.

1/8" @ 2:1 is what I often use for Dupont type wiring, I use 20, 22 and 24 AWG silicone insulated wires.

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Thanks, it's was too avoid pack with hundreds of useless tubes


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Thanks, it's was too avoid pack with hundreds of useless tubes
If you don't have "useless" pieces of heat shrink tubing, then there will come a time when you will need them!! :) :) :)
Keep ALL your cutoffs too.

The adhesive type heatshrink usually has 4:1 or better shrinkage.
I use meters of it to repair and rebuild cable looms.

50/16 means its 50mm now  and down to 16mm when you shrink it.
That is adhesive heatshrink.

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