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The images are the graphs of the same system when the terminal to terminal capacitor was replaced with half UF and 1 UF values


For the benefit of the community, for complete disclosure and for your information.

Previously we use the following method to achieve the 'perfect' grid synchronous wave form.  It worked It may fit your purpose. I like this topic better.

Part list:
  • 1 grid to 12VAC transformer.
  • 1 200 ohm? resistor.
  • 1 CT (current transformer)
  • Op-amps and other resistors to shift the amplify the voltage..
  • Transistors . . .

With the 12VAC burning a resistor through the  CT  It generated a fix grid synchronous wave form in both frequency and amplitude . we THEN used the OP amps + Transistor to amplify to the desired voltage and current. It's simple too! 

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