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Introduction: MIDI Remote enables control of a music sequencer from afar (room scope). It achieves this by converting received IR remote button presses into sequencer-related MIDI messages.

Description: http://abiro.com/w/2011/08/19/arduino-midi-remote-2/

"Specification": http://twitizer.com/8l789 (that's it really :); I have no other documentation of the hardware, but it's standard fare anyway; I apologize for using both Swedish and English)

Main code: http://twitizer.com/hE33G

Two remote controls are supported by the code. It's "Tiny remote control" that's used in the description and that worked the best (no bouncing). In Sweden it's available from e.g. Electrokit, and it has a practical clip.

The MIDI code at the end can of course be ignored for other types of projects. Note that I use my own MIDI library, that's not included here. Only the serial port abstraction is shown. Also, I use the IRRemote library.

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