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Minimal outcome: When a prescribed amount of pressure within a defined range is sensed an LED will turn on.

Desired outcome: An array of LEDs will indicate how close to a prescribed ideal is being sensed. (i.e. cold, warmer, Perfect!, a little too much, way to much!)

Honestly- little compensation. Some money plus portfolio pictures of the solution being used in the field. 50% of royalties if project generates revenues.

Proximity to Calgary/Canmore is a bonus, but not required.




What range of pressures are you expecting to measure? 10 - 20 psi? 1,000,000 - 1,000,001 psi?
For how long? 1 second? 1 hour? 1 day?
How will the pressure be measured? Do you have a particular sensor in mind?

The programming for reading a value from a given pressure sensor and determining if that is in range is trivial. Allowing for setting a range increases the challenge. Selecting the appropriate sensor and amplifying the signal, if needed, adds complexity.

Lighting one or two LEDs is easy - colors are good. Yellow for too low, green for good, red for too high.

Lighting the appropriate LED(s) as the pressure goes up and down is easy. Lighting the appropriate one after the "correct" pressure has been maintained for a period of time is more complicated, but not all that difficult.

How much of this job is software development, and how much is hardware selection, integration, and optimization?

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