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Here's what I've been up to lately. I wanted to participate in a Hackster contest, but missed the deadline due to lots of problems, but now it plays. I still need to attach a vacuum cleaner to handle the pumping. And I need to decide on the final setup for the user interface. It started as an Avr-Iot WG project. Then I lost the board and couldn't find it anywhere. Right now it has a MKR 1010 Wifi and it looks like the final setup will be a laptop playing midi over Wifi to the MKR 1010.
  • 1 Arduino MKR 1010 Wifi
  • 4 PCA9685 servo drivers
  • 61 hobby servos
  • 2 LM2596 voltage converters
  • 1 12 V lead battery
  • Carpenter Reed Organ from 1902

Still 3 unused servo ports, as well as some pins on the MKR 1010 itself. I'm going to add some sound control (pulling organ stops, lifting lids for crescendo and diminuendo...)


If you ask for help and write 'u' instead of 'you' because you think it's convenient, I will write 'no' instead of 'yes'. For same reasons.


That is glorious.

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OMG! That's just amazing!


I have a Carpenter reed organ as well!

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Somehow I couldn't get the MKR 1010 to find my midi stream over Wifi, so I switched to Sparkfun's ESP8266. My present version works as follows. I have sheet music in MuseScore on my laptop. I have rtpMIDI installed on the laptop. MuseScore plays the score and sends midi to rtpMIDI, which sends it via Wifi to the ESP8266. The organ plays the tune. Any tune I write or download from MuseScore.com, as long as I change the instrument to Harmonium or Reed Organ. Some restrictions, though. A 16th note is the shortest in standard tempo 120 bpm. And even quarter noter are hard, if same tone is repeated. I have to shorten them to dotted 8ths to give time for key to come up before going down again. But it works great! A big challenge would be the Flight of the Bumble Bee. It might work with a bit of arranging and single note editing. Where same tone is repeted rapidly, I'd change it to octave tremolo.

If you ask for help and write 'u' instead of 'you' because you think it's convenient, I will write 'no' instead of 'yes'. For same reasons.

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