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Feb 23, 2021, 02:39 pm Last Edit: Feb 23, 2021, 02:41 pm by mikedale
I have used DMXSerial.h successfully on UNO Wifi Rev2 but need additional serial port.  
My sketch does not compile when I select MEGA board and correct port.
Error message attached is meaningless to me.
Any help will be gratefully received.


I have not downloaded and looked at your error report as I wont open doc files from unknown sources but the DMX library here works on the Mega though I have not tried using it with mixed Serial/DMX ports. The only project I made with both Serial and DMX on same Arduino was for the Leonardo (32U4 MCU) that has native USB for Serial and UART for DMX.
Don't PM me for help as I will ignore it.


Thank you very much. I will try that.

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