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I have gotten myself to the point that I am pretty comfortable in eagle, after being self taught and slogging on and have number of successful prototype runs through the DorkbotPDX pcb order   I am pretty happy with my routing and schematic skills, but I don't have the part building down and as my parts palette has expanded I keep running into difficulty in finding libraries for the new pieces I want to work with.

So I am looking for a collaborator or partner in crime who likes to build parts in eagle from data sheets as much as I like designing new boards.

In addition I am moving forward on many of my prototypes and as such need to start producing them in larger quantities, so I am looking for someone, perhaps or ideally the same as the eagle part builder, who can run me through the ropes or help with prepping and panelizing my designs for running through different PCB boardhouses  and styles such as http://www.goldphoenixpcb.com/ 155 sq inch panel or other suggested pcb houses.

Thanks for any info and help in advance, and I hope there is someone that can help balance out my skills to make a good team.



Take a look here, www.iteadstudios.com, scroll down and see how they are looking into panelizing designs already.
Their 10 5cm x 5cm  for $10 and 10 100cm x 100cm for $25 builds seem pretty good, and you don't have to mess with panelizing anything.
I haven't needed so many parts in a desigh that I've needed larger yet myself.

I'm not a good partner tho - I rarely do eagle parts designs and am nt very good at it yet.
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