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The last post from Robin2 was Feb 12.
Is he on holiday?


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I don't personally know.  Does seem like a long time away. Hope he's okay.
Nothing unusual in his most recent posts.
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Well wishes for Robin2. He was instrumental in my learning to code!
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Time has failed him -- all things shall pass.


I've noticed he is not active for longer time. I hope he's doing well. 
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I've been in touch with Robin.

Here is part of an email I had from him a few days ago:

I've been having health problems. I was two weeks in hospital and have discovered that I have lung cancer in my left lung - which is annoying as I never smoked a single cigarette. Expecting to hear about treatment from the cancer experts in the next few days.
In the circumstances the Forum fell down the priority list but give me another week or two and I may be back to annoy you all.


Thanks, Perry.
Sad news, but very hopeful!


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Hey Robin2, best wishes on successful treatment.

Hope for full recovery to follow.

" I may be back to annoy you all"

We hope you will.

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Hello Perry,
I appreciate an info about Robin2. Please, be so kind if you can and say my best wishes to Robin2. I hope he will be back.

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I've passed that on for you Robert.


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Thanks Perry,

I dropped him a line in a PM about two weeks ago. No reply but I do understand now.

If you have contact with him again, please let him know that my thoughts are with him and I wish him successful recovery.
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Well wishes for Robin2!
A creaking creeping shadow
stiff against the freezing fog
glares at a tickless watch.

Time has failed him -- all things shall pass.


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Perry, please pass on to Robin.

Get well soon, Robin2. 

I was diagnosed with lung cancer 6 years ago.  After undergoing chemo and radiation treatment the tumor was gone after 2 years and I have been cancer free since (knock on wood).  So recovery is possible and I sincerely hope that it goes as well, or better, for you.

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