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So in princible this is already working in theory

Well, that's an admirably optimistic approach!


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Question:  :smiley-roll:

Is arduino fast enought to do below mentioned position calcutation from ultrasound and RF signals? I was already advised that arduino can't calculate differences from RF, but what about ultrasound?
My friend was suspicious about it, so I would love to know if arduino can handle it before I go and buy one.

He also mentioned that he would do it with GPS. (I would have software on phone for my location and arduino would have it's own and be phone would send it's position via bluetooth to arduino.) but is it enough accurate? I do use a software on my phone to measure distances to greens and usually it is pretty accurate. (app. 2-3 meters but this is also dependent of accurately mapped greens..)

Actually it would not cost much more to go with GPS, but as far as I know, would require more coding. But main point is that this could also work, I guess??... Does anyone have experiense on similiar approach?



The ultrasonic sensors have all the required hardware to do the calculations so the arduino just waits for a signal from the sensor And yes the arduino can do gps. BTW though not related to ardunio and as you are not in a hurry you can do this better using image processing + sensors for distance calculation OpenCV is available for android  phones so you can just write code for it and plug in your mobile into the robot and let the magic happen it would be a cheap and better solution


I've been thinking that kind of approach also. One problem thou is that I want to keep my score on my phone on different program. I guess this sensing program can be running in background and working only when attached to the dock on robot.

Do you have some good links available where I can read more about this approach?

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