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"Puff " - Enter the Dragon
Here is my Latest Arduino Based Autonomus Robot
that is able to detect and put out flames.

Full Details on how to build http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6427

Arduino controlled tracked chassis.
Puff is able to go forward,backward,turn clockwise and anticlockwise.
Puff detects object in front.
Puff detects if he is about to go off a cliff.
Puff detects flames (candles)
When Puff finds Fire he will scan his head to find the HOTTEST part of the flame and then orientate himself to point directly at it.
Puff will then blow out the flame with a strong motorized Fan.
If he fails to blow out the flame he will enter "panic mode" and run off in another direction to avoid damage to his circuitry and paperwork (there was a lot of paper work)

Final Programming is a bit of mystery to me at the moment as there are so many possibilities...



My website: http://ried.cl



Awesome bot.  Papercraft and robots, who'd of thought that combination would work so well.


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Thanks for your reply....
.....Yes the Paper-Combo works well and it takes the eye away from the unfinished wiring.
----- soon "Puff " will sport a full Skin - its not finalized yet as i have a few other "Tricks" :o to hide underneath.

Video Update - introducing Panic Mode & Cliff Mode.
If he fails to blow out the flame then he panics and runs off so he does not "burn his Chips"- if there is a cliff in the way then readjust path.



Wow! Best design I've ever seen :)

Great idea ;)

What about cost?



Haha! Made my day ;-)

When do you programm him to detect smoke, I recognized the "Rauchkugeln" ;-)



Video Update
Puff now has an Arduino fired Dragons Breath.


Fighting fire with fire!


cars"it burns burns burns"ten



well,,very uneqe!

based on your system, i see that it is related to my fire alarm/bugurley alarm/ taking my stuff alarm combo, diffr modes, robotic communications, well, yaknow that stuff XD

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