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Oh man!  I am *so* jealous!  I want a processor that defies the laws of thermodynamics!

Bummer about the 85s, though.

My meter always shows 0.2 uA when the value is at or below that.  I figure ... 2.535 Ah batteries * 2 batteries / 0.1 uA = ~ 50,700,000 hours of operation = ~ 191,147.64 years = batteries gonna be dead long before that because that's the way batteries are.  Anything below ((2 * 2.535) / (5 * 365.24)) * 1000 = 2.776 mA = ~ 5 years is good enough for what I'm doing!

wouldn't the battery life depend on the amount of current the attiny needs when it wakesup ?

Coding Badly

The usual method is to determine the sleep current consumption, determine the awake current consumption, calculate an average consumption based on the sleep / awake ratio, and then use the average to estimate battery life.

But, I wrote that to make a point to Jack.  For a Christmas gift, turning off the BOD is irrelevant.  Any average current consumption between 0.1 uA and 2.776 mA is going to get the gadget to the five year mark; long after Christmas is over and the children have lost interest.

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