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I'm new to this and not sure of the etiquette for modifying existing libraries, so would appreciate some pointers.

I started development of a timer using Timer1, but then came across the TimerOne library.  Rather than create something new, I'd like to propose some amendments to the existing library, but I'm not sure how I go about it.

To give you a feel, my suggested amendments are as follows:

*  - Add (long) assignments and casts to TimerOne::read() to ensure calculations involving tmp, ICR1 and TCNT1 aren't truncated
*  - Ensure 16 bit registers accesses are atomic - run with interrupts disabled when accessing
*  - Remove global enable of interrupts (sei())- could be running within an interrupt routine)
*  - Counter reset to 1 rather than zero.  Datasheet vague on this, but experiment shows that overflow interrupt
*  - flag gets set whilst TCNT1 == BOTTOM, resulting in a phantom interrupt.  Could code around, but unnecessary complexity
*  - Start() amended to start counter and handle all interrupt enabling. 
*  - Point restart() at start().  Can't see any real difference


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