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Ok so it would be more than 5€ for this :

Not sure how you get that to be 5 euro...

65 euro = 320000 mm
1 piece = 200mm

320000/200 = 1600 pieces

1600/65 = ~0,05 euro (rounded up because you use a bit when preparing the nozzle)

Is there a way to build our own filament out of plastic bottles for example?

No, not yet.
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Is there a way to build our own filament out of plastic bottles for example?

No. Wrong plastic and it is hard to exude exact diameter filament.

A lot of this sort of experimentation is discussed on the RepRap site.

There are experimental extrusions for all sorts of stuff.


Thanks a lot for all your answers guys you're so nice! :-)
I'll think about it, see if I can find a 3d printer to print parts.

I'll tell you once I finished!

Thanks a lot!


I can't even print you some atm. upgrading the printer to more aluminium parts.  :D
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I'm back!

I finally decided to buy the printed parts to build the prusa!

But the thing is I can't find any dealer in France... Any idea?
I'd like to avoid buying on e-bay as I'm not sure about the quality...


What do you think of printed parts quality made with a Reprap?
Is it a good thing to buy parts for my printers at someone who printed them with his reprap?


The Reprap printed parts quality is only as good as the printer and their machine. I purchased mine from Adrian Bowyer at http://www.reprapltd.com/shop/ as he is the founder of the project. Other prominent members also sell parts. In particular the member called nophead seems to blog a lot and do some very good development work and he sells parts on ebay, he seems very trustworthy. I don't know about the others but I have not seen any adverse comments about the quality of any.

Other places that sell parts arround Europe are:-


You could also try #reprap on freenode, a lot of us there, and a lot of chattering all day. Even a good place to just hang around and watch, if you want more info about what is going on. And this is also the place to go if you are having problems getting the software or firmware working, or having problems calibrating and so...
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