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following my post about connectors :)


in fact it turns out this reference can be found on several providers, BUT it is the male connector only. not the **female** connector. According to manufacturer JSR datasheet, the female connector is BM08B-SURS-TF

and that precise female connector ==> i could not find it anywhere (RS, farnell, digikey)

the only provider google finds is a chinese factory on alibaba.com that offers to produce them but you have to order about 5000 units minimum :'(
at about 0.05 USD per unit, that makes a stupid 250 USD without shipping...
it is a bit silly to throw out the windows 250 bucks
not to mention the not-very-green-friendly attitude of this approach

anyone knows a decent provider that would let me order such connectors in small quantities over to europe ?
i dunno maybe i overlooked something

can't wait to get this to work with my arduino board



You want the connector connected on the board in the linked page?  If you can't find it why not switch the male part on the cable?  From the photo you only need 5 wires.  I'd cut the connector off the cable and solder it up to a connector I could easily find or had in my parts bin.

May not be the answer you wanted but why make it harder on yourself?


try dipmicro.com, in Canada.

See if they'll ship to Europe for you.
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