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thank you both for your replies. vfd's sound like a very nice solution if only i had 3-phase engines on those fans.. they where actually available with 3-phase engines and i thaught: "who on earth buys a 3-phase engine if it will only use as little as 150W" .. at least now i know why.. my problem is, that i have already purchased and installed four of those single phase fans about a year ago and i am not so keen on replacing them as long as they do their job. so i guess the solution for now, as cruel as it might sound, is, to keep on regulating the speed with a triac based dimmer until they break down and then replace the engine with a 3-phase model and use vfd's to control the speed happily ever after :) ..

i must say though: since those fans where installed about a year ago they where running behind a triac based dimmer and allthough they produce quite some humming noise while going slow, they still work and this after longer periods of slow speeds as well as fast speeds. i assume the engine have very little load because the fans are mounted directly to the wall and there is only one filer attached to it and no piping what so ever on the inside, so they have very little resistance to fight. maybe this makes it easier for them to cope with the "bad input" they receive from the dimmers..

i'll take some pictures of the engine soon and post them in here. i'will have to change the filters soon anyway..




Personaly the best thing to do is to go to this type of controller see below link I have one and works great.


That's a triac controller and not appropriate for an induction motor.


Hello psuter,

Have you considered using a servo to turn exactly the same dimmer that you are doing at the moment ?

It should not be hard to hook up a few temperature sensors to an Arduino that will turn the nob of the existing dimmer.

Hope my horribly uninformed 2 cents help.

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