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First set of boards came in today.  Ofcourse with everything going on with the storm and no power I never got a chance to order any SIM900 GSM modules.  Oh well, I guess I know what I'll be doing today.  I'm getting all kinds of great names (and a couple that can't be repeated) so keep them coming.


Finally assembled the first module.  I had a problem with the footprint for the accelerometer so that part doesn't work.  Other than that everything looks good so far.

I'm going to size up all the 402 parts to 603 for the next rev because I'm forever done with using 402!  The next rev is using a BMA250 accelerometer instead of the BMA180 and I'm placing a solder trace on the GPS battery backup line to have the option of wiring in a separate backup battery.

Other than that it seems to work fairly well.

Since I'm moving on to the next rev, if anyone's interested in buying this one to play around with PM me and it's yours for $55 bucks (USD). I have a basic sketch that goes along with it if you want. 

You'll need a single cell lipo battery to power it and a GSM antenna connected to the U.fl plug to connect to the network (and a SIM card which goes on the underside of the board).

Just a quick overview of what's on the board:
GSM module (SIM900)
SIM holder on the underside of the board
MCP73833 lipo charger IC set to 500mA charge rate through the USB connector
ATmega 328p (3.3v @ 8MHz) with bootloader
MAX17043 lipo fuel gauge
FAN5362 3.3v buck regulator
ICSP header


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seems like a great RC or UAV type controller

or Acquisino
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