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works as a photovore, has front bumpers to avoid obstacles...

controlled by s3v3 severino board.

installed a parallax ping, in the pgrograming now


That's awesome!!

He's all like "Shadow? DO NOT WANT!"

Now put him through a massive shadow maze :D


gonna think about the shadow maze... jejejeje

meanwhile i made this servo bus for it.

note, the programing with the parallax ping is easy, but including the servo to move it and choose direction with the data received is driving me nuts....


Looks like we were sort of thinking alike haha

I was actually considering putting some bump sensors on the front of him so he doesn't get stuck on low objects.  I have an accelerometer so I may just put that on him so I can detect if he stopped moving.


WOW man great job!!!
Do you have a video of it working on youtube? I would really like to see it

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