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Hello All,

If someone were wanting to build a soluion using readily available and cost efffective Arduino hardware, but wanted to protect the sketch code...  Is it possible to distribute the compiled program to a person and maybe use a program written in something like C# to move the compiled program onto the arduino board? 

This is one of the things I like about the mbed environment....  But it would be nice if I can do the same thing with Arduino devices...

I am not at all an expert at anything related to bootloaders etc... So please dummy down your responses in simple terms as much as possible.

Thank You




Use something like avrdude, or an ICSP, or both, maybe. I've used avrdude from my computer over the USB connection. I don't know what software you'd use for ICSP -- multiple options are possible.
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Thank You Justed,

I ended up using AVRDUDE launched from the C# app and passed the command line needed to load the HEX file..  It works pretty nicely...

Next thing is to try and see if I can extract the SERIAL ID from the USB on the Arduino...  I'm looking for a UID I can pull from the board...


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