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So i just bought a rc car with no remote so i could turn it into a robot!! So i was wondering do i need anything besides the arduino t0 control the car ie sheilds etc. I was thinking of scraping the electronics and then building my own boards. But i was wondering how can i do this all? i know electronics very well and arduino kinda. so some help would be appreciated


Inexpensive RC cars usually have a one-chip radio.  There will be several pins on the chip driving the inputs to various transistor switches and H-bridges.  You can use the Arduino to drive those inputs instead.  If you pull out all the electronics you'll have to build H-bridges to replace the ones you removed.
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I may have found a better solution: it's an embedded and wifi al-in-one module and it's open source www.openpicus.com, look at what it can do:


Hello tomola! It is possible with both Arduino e Flyport! it is nice, isn't it?  :)

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