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I'm designing an EEG/BCI equipment (or at least we hope it will work as a BCI :)), and we've encountered a small/newbie problem regarding the interfacing:
I'm planning to use the openViBE for signal processing, but it does not support the arduino yet, BUT it has got a neat tool to create a driver for the acqusition server: http://openvibe.inria.fr/documentation/unstable/Doc_CreatingANewDriver.html . In nutshell it gives a skeleton of a c++ code that one only has to fill out with the relevant codes. (initialize, start, stop, etc) I've found this guide for  interfacing programs in c++: http://arduino.cc/playground/Interfacing/CPPWindows#VisualStudio2008 , but i'm somewhat confused about the useage of these codes - do i only need to copy the pars from the serial::serial() to initialize() etc, or will i need some other libs/codes that will only be introduced by visual studio (i'm planning to connect through the TX, RX pins only) ?
(to be honest, i only have experiance using c++ with the opencv library - i've rarely used anything else besides that)

The other question is:
If i wanted to connect though the USB port, so I could get a better bitrate etc... Where should i start 'programming' this driver? It seems to me that it will be mostly copy-paste, and not actual programming.

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