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but how long does it take to memorize "Duemilanove" and "Diecimila"?

Especially when the darn thing is probably sitting right in front of them when they write their posts.  ;)


spell Arduino names wrong
????  spell them wrong? Heck, I can't even "say" them correctly!  Once it gets past "Smith" and "Jones" - I'm lost!

Yea, I was raised in the USA! the "Real" USA - South of the Mason Dixon line :D, not "up north" where folks talk funny ;D

Ya'll have a good day :)

Ken H.


not "up north" where folks talk funny

Talk funny? Talk funny?????

My 2nd cousin grew in in Shreveport, LA and I couldn't understand more than 6 words that came outa his mouth. He sounded like he was growed up in da swams....  ;D

Actually, I take on any accent from where I am for more than a week at a time.  ;)


All Americans talk funny, but they think I talk funny..........  :)

Lets face it, Arduino is geek territory, and geeks are usually pedants. I have a hang up with "Losers" who can't spell the word (hint : it doesn't have two 'O's)  


It does bother me when people spell Arduino names wrong.  I get that they're kind of difficult to spell, but how long does it take to memorize "Duemilanove" and "Diecimila"?

I often spell Diecimila wrong (deicimila) but I have never had one so I often let myself off  ;D

I mostly get annoyed with 'duemilanova' (sounds like an exploding arduino to me!)  >:(



I will qoute Vambo:
2 1337 4 me

How hard is it to type and accept 2009?  :)


Duemilanova is also the worst to me.  I'm fine with people saying 2009 if it keeps them from butchering Duemilanove.

Diecimila is a bet more deceptive.  Too many "i"s in there I think.  Isn't it pronounced "Dee-Ay-Chee-Mee-Lah"?  That's how I always say it, and it helps me spell it too :).


They're their.  Sum people just aren't conscious of there word choices.

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