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Edit: Whats the difference between the blue and red XBee Shield? Trying to add BlueTooth to my project

What all do I need to add bluetooth or wifi support on my UNO? I have a halloween project I'm working on.

(Iron Man Arc Reactor)
-12 blue led's
-Arduino UNO

I want to be able to control the LEDS from my phone (android), and to do that I was thinking either via wifi or bluetooth. I want to order it via Amazon Prime, so it can get here quick, but I was wondering if I needed anything else.

I found:
-Bluetooth Bee Link: http://www.amazon.com/Seeedstudio-Bluetooth-Bee-for-Arduino/dp/B005GI4HFA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1319663142&sr=8-1

But that's not plug and play right? To plug and play the bluetooth bee in my arduino (No soldering so I can use my arduino for future projects), do I also need to purchase a 'shield'? I found something called a Xbee shield, that won't do it, will it?


I found out I can plug and play my bluetooth module in a xbee shield. But there's a red shield and blue shield. I don't know the difference. Is the red shield okay to purchase? (Still plug and play?)


Blueshield in my guide I'm using:

The shield I purchased:

Also bought:

Maybe I can use this box too?:


Whether the Bluetooth Bee is 100% interchangeable with an XBee is not clear. Posting links to the actual device is generally better than posting links to the seller's useless page.

If all you are interested in is the wireless exchange of data between a PC and an Arduino, or between two Arduinos, either shield will work.

If you want to connect 5V devices to the XBee/Bluetooth Bee for it to read directly from (no Arduino involved), then the blue one would be a better choice.

Of course, if you were going to do that, the shield design seems silly. Why would you have a shield without an Arduino to plug it into?
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