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The 2nd batch of DSO nano is under manufacturer now, there will be over 500 sets DSO nano to be made.  With redesigned PCB, Anti-scratch screen, Free protection bag, the price is still $89.


Also we've made this little accessories to let you use probe from other oscilloscope on DSO nano.


Note: Shipping will start after 2th,Dec


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Hi, I am still a bit of a noob with all this and i recently fried my multimeter from a capacitor mistake  :-[ and came across this a while ago, I have always sorta fantasized about having a Oscilloscope but honestly have no idea how to use one.

Will this do the basics like a multimeter or is this more for advanced readings?

Is this fairly easy to use/learn how to operate this smaller package for a beginner or might i be better off with some sort of $150 standard models i find online?

Thanks  ;)


Hi, TW34KD, the current firmware does not support multimeter.
DSO nano is pretty easy to use, and we've added a printed manual to each pack.



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