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hi all,

this was asked before in the old forum


did anyone find a fix for this ?  its the only machinedrum post on the whole forum!

I've got into building my arduino project after building the MIDI IN circuit  (with 6n138) and testing with some other midi source, but I really want to be able to plug it into my MD too as its the master clock in my minimal setup.

ive tried the whole range of resistor values for both side of the opto,

My 707 seems seems to provide 0.02 - 0.05 mA  and 60-80mV to the Emitter side of the opto, Thats after the 220R and it works great.  
With the MD its around 0.10 -0.15mA and 30mV without any resistor on the input and wont switch at all

seems odd that the 707 midi even works as the 6N138 says it requires 0.5mA ???  I really don't get that! my meter is probably not very accurate but that still doesn't make sense.

Any help/ advice appreciated


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