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Article in the IEEE magazine about Arduino

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The "IEEE Spectrum Tech Alert" email arrived with the subject line "With the Arduino, Now Even Your Mom Can Program". This evidently caused some serious backlash, as later I received an exceedingly apologetic email from IEEE Spectrum Editor in Chief Susan Hassler which said,

I'm an IEEE member, and a mom, and the headline was inexcusable, a lazy, sexist cliché that should have never seen the light of day. Today we are instituting an additional headline review process that will apply to all future Tech Alerts so that such insipid and offensive headlines never find their way into your in-box.

When I first read the article, the quote was attributed to Massimo Banzi. Now I see that it's been removed from the text. I was glad to see an Arduino article, and personally I wasn't terribly offended, but then again, I'm a Dad.


Great! Will read it when I feel better.
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The "IEEE Spectrum Tech Alert" email arrived with the subject line "With the Arduino, Now Even Your Mom Can Program".

They obviously do not know my mom.

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They obviously do not know my mom.

Nor mine.  But Dad is just as bad.  The title should have been, "With the Arduino, Now Even Your Parents Can Program".   :D


My parents couldn't program a VCR even when they first came out. I doubt an Arduino would help. And Mom is 89 now....

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I don't think that's offensive in any way, but I'm neither mum nor dad. I've heard that some people are though.

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