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There is a known Windows bug with USB "unexpected disconnects".  One of the members here actually registered a bug report with MS and linked to his video demonstrating it.  Seems like it was supposed to be fixed in Windows 8 or 10, IIRC.  It was specifically stated that it would not be fixed in earlier versions.

Perhaps the power surge/sag affects some part of the USB hardware chain, and it "looks" like a disconnect.  In which case, filtering the power through a UPS or isolation transformer should fix it.

For others with similar symptoms, be sure you're not having a millis rollover problem instead.

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Hi there... same problem here with a chinese nanoV3 clone using the CH340

First of all, me move out last year, on the previous house I did a long log with the arduino, I don't recall any issue.
On the new house, I'm trying to do some recordings, so I put a laptop PC to log the arduino... connection lost after ~2 hours... I thought this might be a USB energy saving problem or something related. But then I change the laptop for a RaspberryPi 3 (under raspbian, the last one to the date) and same problem happened over and over again... time interval for interruption is not fix, but is in the 2 hours order.

And cherry on top, the arduino, the RPi or the laptop, are plugged on the same socket as a refrigerator! what are the odds?

I don't have the time right now, but I'll try to correlate the connection loss with the fridge turning on/off....


Hi there,

For anyone reading this topic.... a minor update:
I burnt my code into the same nano clone, WITHOUT the bootloader, (using another nano as ISP programmer) and it seems to fix the problem... no more sudden stops.


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